Center for Arabic Studies and Cross-Cultural Learning

Member of World Wide Union of International Arabic Schools

The A.S.M Arabic Learning Program 2010

Who are we?
The Arabic School of Morocco is an Arabic language School specifically geared to non-Arabic speakers from all over the world. It was established in 2006 in the coastal city of Rabat / Temara in the Kingdom of Morocco to meet the demands of the worldwide renewed call to learn Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Moroccan Arabic and cultural immersion), which has resulted from the increased global importance of Arabic in the social and professional spheres. Arabic School of Morocco takes pride to be the only Center in Morocco exclusively devoted to promote Arabic as a foreign language to students from all around the world.
Through its academic and cultural activities, A.S.M’s unique program strives to provide a good understanding of Arabic and Moroccan culture.
Our Students will have the opportunity to rapidly acquire Arabic through an immersive and communicative curriculum.

Student placement is assessed based on their Arabic study background, communication skills, and writing skills during a registration questionnaire / form and one-to-one interview.

Providing a wide variety of interaction / contact with the surrounding culture as well as opportunities for religious and cultural studies is a top priority for A.S.M Center.

We take a modern lively approach to teaching Arabic. Our teachers are highly qualified native Arabic speakers, all of whom are also fluent in English. Our curriculum is constantly updated and we guarantee our results. We teach Arabic to our non-native guests and residents, and English to our Moroccan students.The presence of both Arabic and English language students in the same setting allows for a unique cross-cultural experience for everyone. A.S.M is affiliated with the International Worldwide Organization of Language Schools of English.

We take a modern approach in all of our courses, utilizing cutting edge technology in a multi cultural environment. We also include a variety of activities based on course books, audio visual aids, and specially-created materials. We emphasize effective development in the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) with special attention paid to communication and conversation in different contexts and situations.

We offer first-rate accommodations for our out-of-town visitors through exclusive arrangements we have with several hotels located near the school. We can offer a beautiful ocean-front four-star hotel near the school, or a more modestly priced hotel in Rabat with transportation provided to and from the school with the use of taxis or buses.

In addition to the Arabic course work, you will have access to swimming on the beautiful Atlantic coast, horsebackriding on the beach; water sports including surfing, boogie boards, and jet skis, with trained pros available for your convenience; several golf facilities, including the majestic Dar Essalam with three magnificent courses; a fully-equipped gym that also offers yoga, aerobics and oriental dancing lessons; full service spas that offer everything from massage treatments and facials to thalassotherapy; field trips to the Rabat medina, the hammam, and local monuments; many different dining options (Moroccan, European, Middle Eastern, Asian and American); an active nightlife at the local pubs and nightclubs; and transportation to and from the Casablanca or Rabat Airport .

A.S.M is a cultural Center dedicated to providing quality instruction / teaching in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Moroccan Colloquial Arabic (MCA) in a beautiful and modern setting located in the coastal city of Temara near Rabat.